Then contemplate how many businesses benefit from a similar relationship only instead it's related to the business platform. Often a company looks at itself and wonders what could we being doing better.

When an easier question is, what are our competitors doing and can we do it better? Well Business Process Management is probably one of the items on the agenda which our rival is taking part in and utilising to make their company better.

At Enix we laud the fact that better communication is one of the key process to strengthen within any BPM overview but this again takes many forms and is intricately weaved between many departments and facets of a company.

We know businesses are actively trying to make the work environment a much friendlier place to work within but they are also looking to mobile and their customers, social networks and their own staff, as well as working collaboratively in the cloud and on cloud servers online across continents.

Does this need to be all under the same umbrella of Business Process Management. Of course the answer is no, but would you rather focus your attention on one department or look at the company as a whole? To see if all departments can't benefit from the introduction of being able to talk to the customer directly, or the post room talk socially to the Chief Operating Officer.

Your rival companies are looking into Business Process Management as a solution to revitalise their company and renegotiate their relationship with the staff they have worked with for years. This in turn will streamline the company into a more effective model moving in one direction with multiple ideas being contributed from the bottom up.

This isn't about keeping up with the Jones' this is more about leaving the Jones' to do their own business, while you get on and advance with yours.