The savvy companies expend an amount of money on alleviating the stresses and strains on their business processes that make up their individual company. Others may go years or decades without re-evaluating their business both internally and externally.

Are companies using an age old secret method to attain new heights and levels of business or have they just kept it a secret from their rivals and competitors?

It is very much a case of the latter. Which is why Business Process Management entities have been set up to provide an external service to companies around the club, seeking to readdress their position in the market, trim costs, reinvest where applicable, reposition staff to the best areas and generally redefine their company so it can move forward and upwards into a more profitable arena.

Now the first thoughts of many staff upon hearing that a team is coming in to redefine a company is that there will be redundancies, office closures and ages will decrease.

However, while Business process re-Engineering had that feel in the past, the current nature of Business Process Management is, yes to cut costs wherever possible, but also to increase activity in areas which could offer more potential to not only the members of staff and workers in your company but the customer also, ensuring more sales and more profit.

BPM tools allow users to reallocate functions and processes, define goal changes, determine appropriate measures of success, compare various simulations, select and implement improvements, deploy and revamp the processes from scratch for better results. Of course it's not always that straight forward. However this is the same process hundreds of successful global companies have used to stay on a steady path and have growth without losing themselves in a multitude of processes and function they either don't need or have duplicated across time.