Equally it is important that the staff managers and the directors are in the same loop also. If there is trust throughout the company then there is also communication and the ability to relay any information, whether new idea or bad new immediately for the benefit of the company as a whole.

With communication and trust comes the ability for staff to work together on projects, even though their specific task may be over and complete. This enables a company to respond quicker to market news and any changes.

Intranets are a modern concept but the internet enables so much more to be achieved, especially between departments that may be overseas. Use software that is compatible in all region and allows staff members to share in an instant their thoughts and latest projects.

Stability and security is important for every member of staff. they don't wish for their ideas for better resources management of staff placement or better business practices, see them lose their job. Have a plan in place which enables staff to feel stable and secure and offer retraining within the company.

It should be common place but businesses and directors still miss it "The IT strategy should be aligned with the BPM strategy so that the technology is used to optimize and automate anything that is worth automating." But in the same vein don't automate something just because it is there, ascertain if a process is actually needed or if it is duplicated elsewhere in the company.

Business Process Management is an effect way to restructure your staffing, their levels, their commitment, their training and overall their function within your company. Not forgetting their relationship with managers and fellow colleagues also. All of which helps make a company work better together, forming an effective process.